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    Good morning Youth Keyshawn Johnson Jerseys , GGN! I hope everyone’s having a great start to their day. Has anyone else noticed that Mike Maccagnan looks like Tiger from Fievel? Maybe like Tiger, his moves can start off as bad and turn out to be a success as well. Anywho, the Jets have started their off-season by releasing Spencer Long. I don’t think this comes as much of a surprise, but reports are also speculating that there’s a solid chance that Long re-signs with the Jets on a cheaper deal. Whether or not this happens remains to be seen, and whether or not that turns out to be the correct decision also remains to be seen. Long was terrible at both center and guard for the team Keyshawn Johnson Jerseys Stitched , though with the holes present on the team it’s hard to get rid of everyone who sucks (and boy, aren’t there a lot of those guys on the team). Reports also are indicating that Leonard Williams will not be moved. I think this is also a smart idea, although I’m not as high on Leo as most. As much as people go into the ‘hidden production’ rhetoric, it just isn’t pertinent when the team is terrible. A guy with 0 sacks and 2 tackles with 10 hurries or ‘pressures’ on a terrible team looks worse than the guy with 5 sacks, 2 tackles and 0 hurries — and that’s just the truth. No one showing up when Leo is ‘gone’ or having an off day just means that the front 7 in general are bad Youth Dennis Byrd Jerseys , not that Leo is some astounding stud. I’m not trying to knock Leo, as he’s a solid starter in the league. I just think that the fans should expect more (especially out of a No. 6 overall pick) out of players that were labelled as main building blocks of the team. With that said, here’s your links for the Jets this Wednesday.Eric Allen – Jets Release OL Spencer LongPaul Schwartz – Jets cut Spencer Long and save $3 million as decisions beginMatt Stypulkoski – Jets cut Spencer Long | What it means for offensive line, Mike Maccagnan’s offseason plansRich Cimini – Jets release center Spencer Long, avoid cap hitSNY – Jets letting Spencer Long go Dennis Byrd Jerseys Stitched , but is a reunion possible?Manish Mehta – Jets axe offensive lineman Spencer Long, but there’s a catchTyler Calvaruso – Jets have been spoiled at center with elite play from Mawae, MangoldMatt Stypulkoski – Jets don’t plan on trading Leonard Williams | Is Mike Maccagnan making the right decision? Pros, cons, analysisJosh Alper – Report: Jets have “no plans” to trade Leonard WilliamsSNY – Jets unlikely to trade DE Leonard WilliamsMatt Stypulkoski – NFL free agency: Jets’ Jamal Adams back to recruiting Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell … and the star RB seems receptiveMatt Stypulkoski – NFL mock draft 2019: Latest Jets’ 7-round projectionRalph Vacchiano – Ralph Vacchiano’s Mock NFL Draft 1.0 has Jets taking defensive tackleSam Nuemann – Kentucky’s Josh Allen goes to the Jets in Matt Miller’s latest – Mock Draft Roundup: Will There Be Another Josh Allen in the AFC East?Spencer Aber – Ex-Jets WR Eric Decker says Adam Gase has a tendency to curseRandy Lange – Jets DL Nathan Shepherd ‘Not Satisfied’ with His Rookie YearAnthony Talarico – What are the Jets’ chances of winning Super Bowl 54?Here are your missed connections from yesterday.Here’s the thread about nothing Youth Mark Gastineau Jerseys , don’t make it redundant. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful rest of the day!What was the most important play of the Jets’ win over the Broncos? What was the most important play of yesterday’s Week 5 victory for the Jets over Denver?The Jets’ victory was so convincing that it didn’t feel to me like any one particular play was the turning point. Since I am forced to pick one, I am going to go with Sam Darnold’s first touchdown pass to Robby Anderson in the second quarter.Within the context of the game it gave the Jets the lead for the first time, which they would never relinquish.Within the context of the season it might have been even more important. There has been a lot of negativity around the team in recent weeks. One of the biggest frustrations we have heard has been the offense’s inability to make big plays in the passing game. Is Jeremy Bates dialing up enough deep shots? Is Sam Darnold too gunshy? Is Robby Anderson regressing?We can’t come to any long-term conclusions based on the result of one play, but this touchdown pass and the one that followed it later in the quarter will at least put some minds at ease for one week.That’s what I think. What do you think was the game’s most important play.

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