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    Diantai pressure seal parallel slide gate valves are ideal for clean service and steam.
    ● Diantai’s proven pressure seal design.
    ● Unique parallel slide forged cage unit design comprises all operating parts of the slide discs.
    ● Designed to ASME B16.34.
    ● Body made of superior strength forgings and optional cast steel.
    ● Diantai stem seal offers tight seal with little to no maintenance over long periods of time.
    ● Optional live-loading of packing.
    ● Non-rotating stem.
    ● Hardfaced seating faces resist erosion.
    ● Other sizes and pressure classes available. Contact the company for specifications.
    ● Size range(s)
    NPS 2 – 16 (PS 50 – 400)
    ● Pressure rating
    ● ASME Classes
    600 – 4500
    ● Standard connections
    ● Socket weld, Butt weld
    Pressure-seal Gate Valve 900Lb~2500Lb Standard Material Specifications
    NO.Part NameCS to ASTMAS to ASTMSS to ASTM
    Type A105Type F22Type F304(L)Type F316(L)
    1BodyA105A182 F22A182 F304(L)A182 F316(L)
    2SeatA276 420A276 304A276 304(L)A276 316(L)
    3WedgeA276 430&410A182 F304A182 F304(L)A182 F316(L)
    4StemA182 F6A182 F304A182 F304(L)A182 F316(L)
    5Pressure SeatA105A182 F304A182 F304(L)F316(L)
    6Pressure RingA276 304LA276 316L
    7BonnetA105A182 F22A182 F304(L)A182 F316(L)
    8Gland Eye holdA193 B7A193 B16A193 B8(M)
    9PinA276 420A182 F304(L)
    10Stem PackingFlexible GraphitePTFE
    11P.S. Lock NutA194 2HA194 4A194 8A194 8M
    12GlandA276 F420A182 F304
    13Gland FlangeA216 WCBA351 CF8
    14NutA194 2HA194 4A194 8A194 8M
    15Yoke NutA276-410
    16Retaining NutA194 2HA194 4A194 8A194 8M
    17Hand wheelA197
    18H.W. Lock NutA194 2HA194 4A194 8A194 8M
    19Oil CupBrass
    Suitable MediumW.O.G. etcW.O.G. etcHNO3,CH3OOH etc
    Suitable Temperature-29 425 font-29 550 font-29 180 font
    Note: Other materials are available upon request.
    Dimensions (mm) and Weights (Kg)
    2500Lb12.311.610.826.028.460.0Pressure Seal Valves solutions

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