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    raw milk product drum dryer
    Project description:
    Fresh milk is a highly nutritious common drink, it can be directly within the trace element potassium can act on the human arteries, can speed up the blood circulation, prevent the emergence of high blood pressure, to human stroke also has obvious preventive effect. Nutrite the brian is also a big benefit of drinking raw milk, fresh milk is high of the iron, copper and other trace elements, they can directly act on the human brain, can improve the activity of brain cells, to improve memory and development of intelligence, There are great benefits.
    Jiangsu Jianda Dry Engineering Co., Ltd., developed and produces raw milk product drum dryer, effectively help you to dry fresh milk.
    First, raw milk product drum dryer principle:
    Double drum scraper dryer diameter is small, generally 0.5~1m; aspect ratio L/D is generally 1.5 ~ 2, the transmission power is close to 2 times than the single drum. The drum of the double drum scraper dryer is a slightly tilted and rotatable cylinder, the wet material enters from the upper end and the dry material is collected from the lower end of the other. The hot air enters from the feed end or the discharge end and is discharged from the upper end of the other end. Wet material in the outer wall of the drum to get the heat transfer mode, remove the water, to achieve the required wet content, heat from the cylinder wall to the outer wall of the tube, and then through the film, the thermal efficiency, continuous operation, so extensive It is suitable for the drying of liquid materials or ribbon materials and is more suitable for paste and viscous materials.
    Second, raw milk product drum dryer characteristics:
    1, Heating medium is simple: commonly used saturated water vapor, the pressure range of 2~6kgf/com2, rarely more than 8kgf/cm2. For certain materials that require drying at low temperatures, hot water can be used as a heat medium; for materials that are to be dried at higher temperatures, hot media or high boiling organic matter can also be used as the heat medium.
    2, The drum dryer has high thermal efficiency: the drum dryer for the heat conduction, heat transfer direction in the entire heat cycle is basically the same, so the heat supply within the drum, most of the wet material for the vaporization, thermal efficiency of 80%~90%.
    3, The product of dry is good quality and stability: As the heating mode is easy to control, the cylinder temperature and the wall of the heat transfer rate can be relatively stable, so that the film in the heat transfer state of drying, the product quality can be guaranteed.
    If the raw milk milk product drum dryer meets your requirement, welcome to buy the high quality and durable dryer from our factory. Well acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of raw milk milk product drum dryer, we must be your best choice. Don’t miss it.Milk Product Drum Dryer

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