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    ralph lauren automotive watch In 1882, TAG Heuer applied for a patent for its first mechanical stopwatch. Since then, TAG Heuer has been the authority and representative of leading technology for sports chronographs. In 1887, the “vibration gear” technology invented by TAG Heuer is still being manufactured by most The watch manufacturer used it on mechanical chronographs; in 1916, TAG Heuer invented the first stopwatch accurate to 1% of a second, which opened a proud page in the history of watchmaking and became the third in Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam. The special chronograph for the Olympic Games; in 1930, TAG Heuer developed the world’s first chronograph with automatic winding function; in 1933, TAG Heuer released the world’s first chronograph on the racing dashboard Autavia, This makes it easy for racers to read the race time; in 1972, TAG Heuer invented the world’s first square chronograph diving watch Monaco ; in 1975, TAG Heuer released the world’s first quartz watch chronograph …

    The latest TAG Heuer F1 cheap watches for men series Calibre 16 automatic chronograph exudes all the passion of F1 motorsport. The details of the watch and chronograph show a fiery red color, which contrasts with the black on the chronograph timer, making it more readable. The black titanium carbide-coated bezel is its basic speed measurement tool. The small seconds dial of the watch is decorated with a spiral carving, and a date window is set at 6 o’clock. Control time in seconds. Later, TAG Heuer set up a fully sealed and dust-free semi-automatic production line (made by a Swiss manufacturer) in a watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, with a total of 50 processes. Among them, standardized procedures are needed. It is done automatically by the machine; the assembly of parts is done manually by humans. The movement goes through 116 tests during the entire assembly process.

    Each movement has a separate quality track, and it is finally checked by an experienced watchmaker. In terms of performance, the Calibre 1887 movement is also equipped with an efficient two-way automatic winding system, which is 30% more efficient than a normal automatic movement, with a power reserve of 50 hours, exceeding the level of ETA 7750. Then there is the calendar display. Calibre 1887 uses a half-jump calendar. It does not have a calendar blind spot, and you can adjust the hands at any time 24 hours a day without worrying about damaging the calendar mechanism.Most enthusiasts who love sports know that sports is not just a contest of speed and passion. Its charm is much more than that. Toughness and endurance are its soul.

    tag heuer formula 1 automatic Feeling physical energy The limit of the limit is constantly surpassed. After this kind of tightness that fills every nerve of the body, it brings us a very relaxed and happy feeling, which is why everyone who loves sports is obsessed with fanaticism. You enjoy sports, desperately sweat the moment, you have had the same mettle with a wrist watch to accompany around, the common feeling walking towards the sea breeze, sparking vitality waves, it would be How Beautiful!

    Watch House today for everyone to bring a TAG Heuer ‘s CALIBRE 5 watches, sports and glamor to the table to resolve the faithful how perfect present.
    watch is made of stainless steel, demonstrating the perseverance of movement. The 41 mm silver-white round dial is covered with elegant silver horizontal stripes, which is concise and capable. At the 12 o’clock position of the case, a fluorescent dot is provided to ensure that the time can be clearly discerned even at the darkest time. Its stainless steel octagonal case and single rotating bezel, with clear edges and corners, are simple yet luxurious, showing men’s style.Derived from the Pan American Road Race of Carrera ( Carrera ) to a series inspired by the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix of Monaco ( Monaco ) series, Tiger Heuer (TAG Heuer) has never hidden his passion for motorsport. The cooperation between TAG Heuer and McLaren Formula 1 team F1 watch series is bold and excellent performance, its creative inspiration is directly derived from precision F1 racing drive technology, has six professional sports appearance essential six Item characteristics. From Ayrton Senna to Jenson Button, many F1 champion drivers have worn TAG Heuer F1 watches. perfectwrist.co

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