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    If you want to break large stones into 12-, 13-, 05-stones for construction, one [url=]Aggregate Crushing Machine[/url] is not enough. Generally, a complete set of crushing equipment is required. A set of large-scale stone crushing motors cost millions of dollars. When there is not a lot of confidence in the market, many people dare not start easily. Small stone crushers are relatively low in price, low in investment risk, and more people choose.
    Take the model as you want, and match it with a cost-effective solution
    There are many types of small stone crushers, including jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, mobile crushers, etc. Each user’s needs are different. How to match high cost-effective solutions? The following is a list of schemes for users to configure more Shibang machines:
    Collocation 1: Feeder + Hubei + Counterattack + Vibrating Screen
    Applicable customers: the raw material hardness is not high, the particle size is large, and the finished product has high requirements
    Advantages: a relatively commonly used set of equipment, which has a wide range of applications, and low overall investment, excellent finished product type, can bring greater economic benefits

    E Po + counterattack to break the scene
    Collocation 2: Feeder + Hubei + Cone Crusher + Vibrating Screen
    Applicable customers: high hardness materials, high output
    Advantages: This is a more suitable combination for crushing high-hardness materials. The cone crusher not only has strong crushing ability against hard materials, but also wear-resistant parts are very wear-resistant, and the later use cost is low.

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