• Welcome to Serving 2 Serve!

    Welcome to Serving 2 Serve!
  • How it Works

    How it Works
  • Mission & Purpose

    Mission & Purpose
  • Our Vision

    Our Vision
Worn out methods of fundraising for local and global serving can prohibit participation. Our Serving2Serve model provides an innovative path to create funding through local volunteerism that leads to the funding of global ministry.

Many people who have felt called to serve on the mission field have given up their endeavor after 1 or 2 ministry trips due either to the lack of funding or the uncomfortable experience of having to “ask” and “ask again” for donations.

Our vision involves changing both the way ministry is done and the way people fundraise; this creates multiple opportunities to give of time and money in different areas of ministry.

We have been drawn to focus our efforts in the following areas: the fight against human trafficking (both locally and internationally), victims of abuse, building “safe houses”, feeding and educational programs, water wells, evangelism and serving widows and orphans.